Blog Entry 004

Are we meant for secrets? Sometimes we strive to be more private, to keep to ourselves when we have projects going on, but is it healthy? Doesn’t our body reject secrets? Some secrets can be accompanied by self-denial (i.e., an eating disorder). The emotions we are deciding to consciously reject are unprocessed in the conscious […]

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Blog Entry 003

I technically wrote this yesterday, I never posted it: I see it happen all the time. People get lost in these roles they play. We get lost in being the interior decorator, the athlete, the chef, the wino, the concert-goer, the runner, the bachelor/bachelorette, the husband/wife, the father/mother. There is nothing wrong with being happy […]

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Blog Entry 002

Shalom, Every time I think of something great to post, I forget about it. When I am put on the spot, I freeze. I’ll use this entry as if I am writing in my personal diary: Dear Diary, Today was lukewarm. I have come to the realization this year is about transition and transformation: the […]

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New Years Day

Attempting to write one new entry each day, no matter how mundane. Hurt people hurt people. Love is the only thing that can heal. No one can heal, nurture, or save you but yourself through unconditional love, God’s love love and light this post was done at 11:58pm so I technically posted on Jan 1, […]

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Eating Disorders

Happy International Yoga Month, yogis! As many of you know, meditation, pranayama, breath work, kriyas, mudras, and bandhas are pivotal in addition to asanas when it comes to getting the greatest benefit out of practicing of yoga, which is ultimately intended to lead you to your true self. The thing I want to focus on […]

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A Guide to Happiness

Are you happy? This question popped into my mind as I was on the last stretch of road to my home. Every day I see countless people, and I always wonder if they’re truly happy. Are they happy with the choices that have led them to today? Are they living with a purpose, or are […]

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