You keep drowning out
I can’t make out the words you’re saying
Whether that mean I’m becoming apathetic or just disconnecting
Farther and farther away from you
Perhaps it was inevitable
Perhaps this was apart of my life I was never suppose to be fully present for
Whatever it is, it is insignificant
Or maybe the insignificant moments are just as significant as the ones we deem important
Because this life is filled with moments that make up the seconds
Each mundane moment leads up to something we deem valuable
And eventually the high from those moments goes back down past the bar we set
But we couldn’t have extraordinary things without the ordinary things
We would all just be…
Which helps confirm the belief that life is one big experiment
We’re all just living, being, acting and reacting to situations, and all of this makes up life
You can’t do it wrong as long as you’re experiencing
So maybe this moment in my life was meant to have you drowned out
And maybe this moment in your life was meant to learn to let go
There’s nothing tragic or sad about it, it just is what it was always supposed to be
Because the farther we get from one another, the harder it is to hear you
And the harder it is to hear me
We’re no longer living on the same plane
We’re inaudible

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