Everything is Supplemental

I’ve written about this so many times before, but the saying, “Stand for nothing, fall for anything,” continues to haunt me to this day. Why does it get to me so much? I interpret this saying to be political, and that it suggests you should 100% commit to an idea and not sway. While some of us believe this saying to be true and abide by it, it leaves little room to hear or sympathize with the feelings of those on the opposing side.

Life is all about experiences, human connection and the connection with the Divine. I know I have a certain path, but I am not defined by it. People who solely identify with their jobs, their hobbies, their relationships… that isn’t you in your complete totality. People on Instagram create these online personas to be “geeky chic fashionistas,” “country farm home decorators,” “yogis” or “foodies,” etc. This isn’t the totality of who they are, yet some of us can’t see past the screen to understand this concept.

When you become obsessed with a political party, workout, diet, religion, social media outlet, etc., your identity is getting lost in something that should be a supplement to your existence. This includes meditation. You can’t constantly be in a meditative state because you’re missing the point of life. In order to experience life, you must live life, and living your life consists of many roles and many interests, hobbies, opinions, books, traveling, and other things we must incorporate into our existence in order to experience it.

God’s intention of us experiencing this life was just that, to experience. Not to form hateful and discriminatory opinions; not to discredit other’s peoples ways of thinking if they are different from ours (and not harming us); not to become obsessed with material possessions or fleeting looks; and not to become engulfed in anything that masks our true identities, which is knowing that we are direct descendants of God.

Just as the air we breathe is essential, yet not something we identify ourselves as, we should treat everything we do as supplemental. Everything we intake or put out in the world should be helping us to experience life and helping us get to know ourselves so we can get to know God. When we are open to everyone, even if they come from a place of anger, sadness, or darkness, the possibilities of what could happen are limitless. If we open up our minds and hearts to those who need it most, we are capable of changing the trajectory of all of our lives, because we are one. We are all from God and of God.

Love and light,


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