Blog Entry 014 – Acknowledging All Emotions

I wanted to follow up on my last post. I said that the mind is best when it is in a Sattvic state, because it is a by-product of pure love; however, please do not think I meant we need to repress emotions that arise if they are anything other than loving, harmonious, or positive.

I’ve talked about this countless times, but all emotions are created equal and should be explored. Any emotion you experience throughout your day is a response to your environment and the actions going on in your environment. The response that naturally occurs from an event happening is there to teach you something, helping to craft you into the individual you are meant to become. For instance, you are in a situation where someone of a higher authority (boss, professor, parent) is constantly putting you down… most likely you are feeling mad or defeated. What is the emotion(s) teaching you? To state the obvious, you do not like the action and words you have to endure when you are with this individual in this particular situation. You realize you a have a few options: 1) Endure the verbal abuse; 2) Do something about it and speak up for yourself; 3) Leave the scenario for good; 4) Tell someone of a higher authority. Whatever you decide, the emotional response you have from that situation served as a catalyst for helping you form a belief system on how you should be treated.

Meditation is a great way on how to acknowledge all emotions, giving them the attention they all need. Do not dwell for too long on any emotion, and try and remember that all emotions contribute to who you are as an individual. When we start treating all emotions as equal, we begin to bring ourselves to a more level, grounded state, and that is where true healing and growth can persist.

Love and light,


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