Blog Entry 013 – How to Combat Hate and Ignorance

Last entry of the day, yogins… I promise.

I wanted to share my thoughts about the anger and hatred that circulate throughout this world.

As some of you know, I am in college to become an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and I get to learn really interesting things about our bodies and how they work according to Ayurveda, an ancient Eastern medicine/health system.  It is very rewarding and resonates with me on a level I cannot explain, as if I’ve known about this in another lifetime.

One of the things we learn about are the gunas, which are nature’s three fundamental forces in this world.  First you have Sattva, which is goodness, love, pureness.  Next you have Rajas, which is passion, action, and movement.  Finally, you have Tamas, which is matter, ignorance, darkness, laziness.  Believe it or not, you need all three to function.  However, you want to aim for a Sattvic mind to possess love, purity, kindness.  If you think about it, the mind is made from Ahankara (ego) and Sattva (love, pureness) coming together.  This is why the mind responds so well to meditation, because it is a way to train your brain to control your thoughts, which can bring you to a peaceful and loving state when you are not a slave to your thoughts and are able to control them.  Your mind is a by-product of pure love, so we need to get it back to how it was before all outside factors influenced it to be anything but loving, kind, and pure.

In our culture in the west, we have become more Rajasic (passionate, movement, goal-oriented) and Tamasic (ignorant, destructive, lazy) in our thinking.  Since our mind is not meant to be anything but Sattvic, when we are more focused on ourselves and getting ahead of everyone else (Rajas), once we attain our goals we are elated for awhile, but eventually go back to feeling depleted or like we have to do more now that our goal is met.  On the flip-side, we may just want to be left alone all day, staying in doors and never experiencing anything just to stay in our illusion we create for ourselves via social media, television or even books (Tamas), and if that lasts too long, in time we develop depression, anger, or bitterness.  Again, because our minds are meant to be in a state of love, light, and purity, and if you are doing things that are not with an intention of love, you will develop imbalances which can lead to dis-ease.

That’s not to say Rajas and Tamas are always bad.  You need ambition and drive to get to where God needs you to be, and you need some laziness and relaxation to rest and recharge.  However, our minds are best when we are centered, and this is why meditation is so important.

So why is there so much hate and violence in the world?  The segway to a hateful and destructive mindset is first having too much rajas, where we think we must better ourselves and do everything for personal gain.  In time, if we don’t slow down, we can get so worked up that we crash, and stay down for awhile, which can lead us to a Tamasic mind.  Since hate and violence are formed from ignorance and misunderstanding (Tamas), many people become resentful, jealous or misunderstand situations because they are lost in an illusion that they have it worse than everyone else, or the grass is greener on the other side and that is unfair and unjust.  Our minds are a by-product of love, so you can see where this doesn’t pan out well.

Think of this example, a fish’s domain is in water.  It needs it to survive, nourish, and exist.  When you take a fish out of water, it can only live for so long without air.  Though the deterioration of it’s life is much more rapid than when we aren’t living with a Satvic mindset, taking your mind out of a state of pure love (it’s domain), it can only survive, remain nourished and flourish for so long before imbalances arise.

Hate and ignorance are a result of being misinformed.  We should all strive for pure and loving hearts and minds (your mind resides in your heart) since we are all from God.  When your mind is Sattvic, you want to help others better themselves because you realize that we are all from the One, and helping each other is helping ourselves and betters society as a whole.

How do we get from a Tamasic mind to a Satvic one?  You must first use techniques to get it more Rajasic.  If you are experiencing depression, develop personal goals, meal plans, exercise plans, and whatever else you desire to achieve.  Start doing more yoga and meditation.  Incorporate more naturally bitter, astringent and sweet tastes to your meals, and eat whole grains and cooked fruits and vegetables.  Ghee is also great at nourishing ourselves.  Also, incorporating herbs and spices with a heating effect like chili peppers, cinnamon, and ginger.  Also, incorporating hatha yoga with more movement and more cardio exercising to break up the tamas and get moving, is beneficial.  Limit indoor activities and sitting around.

We should all strive to be more loving, happy, caring, kind, and speaking life and love to others, for we are God’s children and from God.

Love and light,



DISCLAIMER:  For more information on diet, herbs/spices, and lifestyle changes, please check with an Ayurvedic Health Counselor before incorporating any new changes mentioned above.  This is not meant to be a cure, more informational.  If you suffer from any mental health issues, please seek treatment with a certified mental health care professional.

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