Blog Entries 005 – 010

Blog Entry 005

L.A. today, Dallas yesterday

I’m writing to you from the clouds, in route to surprise my best friend for her 29th birthday.

I got to thinking about being on this plane. I took half a Dramamine and put essential oils behind my ears 30 minutes before I got on the plane, and that didn’t help me. I was taken over by this intense feeling of nausea, and I decided to close my eyes and do some deep breathing. I put on one of my many guided meditation recordings, and began to breath.

To my surprise, that actually made my situation worse. I think it was a combination of the stress of the plane ride – I am a terrible flyer – and the stress of keeping up with the meditation tape.

Finally, I threw up my white flag and thought to myself, what do I do when I’m stressed out? Sleep. As my head laid on my neck pillow, I was able to completely let go and drift off. I think we can so easily forget that sleeping is crucial not only for our mental and physical health, but also our spiritual health. Sleeping can be a medium for sending you messages from God, or other celestial beings. It also said that when we fall asleep, our soul actually leaves our body. Perhaps my soul saw this as an opportune moment to fly among the clouds.

Love and light,


Blog Entry 006

I am in California today. The weather is crisp, it is clear skies, and beautiful hills.

I had my college courses this morning for two hours, which means I woke up at 6:55am since we are two hours behind CST in California, so I’m a little tired. We are going to go and run some errands for the birthday girl’s birthday party tonight.

This post isn’t much, but I promised I would write #everydamnday this year. Also, I’m aware this post won’t be posted on Jan 6th, but I am still writing, so that counts.

Love and light,


Blog Entry 007

What a wonderful party that was yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet so many different personalities and getting reacquainted with others I have already met before.

We went to a cute little cafe called the CCC, and then we went out to Woodland Springs shopping center… “The Village.” It was very chic are darling.

Blog Entry 008

Writing to you from the airport… I am on my way home this evening. Today was perfect. It was raining all morning, and Lindsey stayed home from work today, so we just lounged around at her apartment. We did make a special trip to McDonald’s for their breakfast because food is life.

Lindsey is my best friend in this life time. We have a mutual respect and understanding for one another. We can go for months without talking and pick up where we left off. One of the things that we loved doing in high school was going to the local Starbucks and sitting there for hours, just talking about the world’s problems. That is something I hold dear to my heart.

This morning was like old times. We were able to sit around as she drank her coffee and I drank my tea, and we just really talked. It wasn’t profound, but the connection we had was nostalgic and fun and pure and lovely.

Do you have a friend you can do nothing with and have the best time?

Love and light,


Blog Entry 009

Back to reality today. I went to work today and was tired all day

I am experiencing depression today. I think that is a natural reaction to have after going on a very fun trip and come back to experience a sense of sadness.

When you are on vacation… you have minimal responsibilities, zero cares, and everything to gain through experiences (so be present).

It was also really sunny in CA, so I may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Love and light,



Blog Entry 010

The time really gets away from you when you do not post daily like I was. I will start doing that. It is Wednesday today. I am still feeling a bit deflated.

I am unmotivated to start anything new because I am so busy. I feel so paralyzed with everything I have going on.

Believe it or not, this writing I am doing every day is an exercise. I have a few projects coming, as I’ve mentioned before, and this is to strengthen my writing skills.

I’ve learned one thing that helps me with writing is pranayama and meditation. If I take a few moments to close my eyes and do diaphragmatic breathing, my mind will become calm. This is because the state of our minds are reflected in how we are breathing. If you are stressed out, chances are you are breathing shallow. To calm your mind, you must first control your breath…. make sense?

Love and light,



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