Blog Entry 004

Are we meant for secrets?

Sometimes we strive to be more private, to keep to ourselves when we have projects going on, but is it healthy? Doesn’t our body reject secrets?

Some secrets can be accompanied by self-denial (i.e., an eating disorder). The emotions we are deciding to consciously reject are unprocessed in the conscious mind, and are left somewhere in the unconscious, therefore getting manifested in the body, usually helping to contribute to disease or imbalances.

Secrets are another way of not wanting us to share ourselves or what we have going on in our lives. In some cases, it can be appropriate not to share things (if you aren’t far along enough in your pregnancy), but should we live a life more out loud and open? Or should be keep to ourselves more.

I’m on the fence. I think we are social beings who need social interaction to survive, both mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually. Sometimes I feel I can share too much, and then I am put under a microscope, where every action I do holds me accountable, and if I don’t live up to what I share, I’ll be discredited or dismissed.

Sometimes I don’t share enough, and I’m labeled as cold, or closed off. So what is it?

As I go through this life, I am beginning to realize every aspect of our waking (and unconscious) lives needs balance. To be too far left or too far right in political views; to be too Christian or too agnostic; to be too thin or too fat; to be too socially conservative or too socially liberal; to be too judgmental or too fluid… we all need balance. We need to be moderate and open-minded in everything we do… have a belief system but be open to change. We need to be open and loving and accepting.

When I say it it all sounds contradictory. Perhaps this is why we have debates, but no one will change.

This post was confusing, but perhaps we can all find commonality in the confusion, and that’s where we become united.

Love and light,


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