Blog Entry 003

I technically wrote this yesterday, I never posted it:

I see it happen all the time. People get lost in these roles they play. We get lost in being the interior decorator, the athlete, the chef, the wino, the concert-goer, the runner, the bachelor/bachelorette, the husband/wife, the father/mother. There is nothing wrong with being happy and even proud for taking on any of these roles (and there are many left unnamed), but as an actor is to the character he plays in a movie, it is just that, a character… a role we take on that some get completely enveloped in, basing our own lives around this identity we have created for ourselves. It is not the totality of our existence, nor should we want it to be.

We are complex creatures, who have many responsibilities and roles that contribute to our complete identity. To summarize yourself in a few sentences on what your hobbies and interests are is doing you an injustice. When we identify solely with the roles we take on we begin to create our lives around these roles.

If you identify as the runner, you might have adopted a mindset along the lines of planning your day around your runs, or even if you are a new mother, you plan your days around your children. Where is the line drawn? Let’s look further at the roles of mothers. Society tells new mothers to give give give give give, and if they take, they are selfish. Mothers deserve to be social, they are social beings. Mothers deserve to embrace their sexuality, they have sexual interests that they desire to be met. And mothers deserve to be selfish, they had life before their children.

These roles don’t even have to be so boldly defined. They can be little parts to our day that we do or partake in religiously. For instance, going to work every day, coming home to work out, and then cooking dinner each weekday night. You’ve taken on these mundane tasks as a routine, this is the part you will play out M-F… until retirement? Are you going to wait to seek new experiences once you are retired? Why?

My point is try not to get lost in a role you took on as your whole identity. You are the totality of all those roles into one, and then some. We together are the collective consciousness. We are prana (energy) made into material. The moment we realize we have access to all the knowledge, we will transcend. Yet we digress, and let our identities limit us, when our unconscious knows we are capable of so much more.

If you ever get depressed easily, or “stir crazy”, perhaps you should investigate those feelings a bit deeper. Are you limiting yourself to the identity you have created for you?

Don’t let your role, or what you think your identity is, get in the way of the greatness you are capable of. Do allow yourself to embrace all interests, goals, hobbies, even if they lead you to failure. Failure plays just in important part, if not more, than a victory plays in shaping a man.

Love and light,


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