I Loved You In Another Lifetime

It came to me in a meditation.  From my recollection, I was the soul, the observer of this scene: an outline of a man sitting under a tree on a dock overlooking the ocean with a dark blue sky.  But at closer review, I began to remember.

I was the tree.  I provided you shade from the sun on those hot summer days so you could write your stories.  I was the landmark of your first kiss, the first place you came when you proposed to your wife, and your child’s first steps.

I was the dock.  I was there to help you catapult into the ocean.  I was your scaffold as you became progressively stronger and independent.  I was your seat when you grew tired.

I was the sea.  I provided the gentle landing when you catapulted off the dock.  I was the first to catch your tears when your heart was broken.  I was there for all of your secrets, fears, and dreams.  I helped you float when you felt like sinking.

I was the sky.  I held all the stars you made wishes on, all the clouds you’d watch float by, and all of your prayers you sent to God.  I let the sun shine on you in moments of triumph and shed tears with you during moments of despair.

I loved you in another lifetime, and I’ll love you in all the other lifetimes too.




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