A Guide to Happiness

Are you happy?

This question popped into my mind as I was on the last stretch of road to my home. Every day I see countless people, and I always wonder if they’re truly happy. Are they happy with the choices that have led them to today? Are they living with a purpose, or are they on autopilot? Do they look to the future with open minds, or do they let their past choices haunt them? At the end of the day, at the end of our time on this earth, when the dust has settled and we’re all left to ourselves, are we happy with what we’re left with; are we happy with ourselves?

As grim as this may sound, we are all born alone and we all die alone. The journey is what matters in this lifetime, and the souls we chose to surround ourselves with are equally as important; they can be great guides, help us grow, and some are even their with us through most of our journey. But the connections we create with the souls we come in contact with are always temporary. It’s important to accept this. Even when we’re often told, but chose to ignore because we have external influences telling us otherwise, no one (not your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, siblings, children, animals, etc.) has the power to make you happy.

Society instills in us that there is one person to complete us. This is an illusion, and further, a very risky and dangerous way to think and live, especially if you’re consciously on the path to your true self. To put such immense pressure and responsibility on someone to complete you is unfair, unrealistic, and will inevitably lead to a separation. It is also completely unfair to you and sets you up for unhappiness. Everyone you have ever met has been significant in your journey, despite how short or long they were/are in it for. Some are lighthouses furthering you on your journey, while others are the guides to assist getting you there.

It’s a beautiful and comforting thought to live with.

But the question remains, are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with this illusion of life you have created for yourself? Do you spend your time out traveling, or do you desire to spend your time traveling? Are you someone who enjoys going out to clubs (with a lot of energy) with friends or your spouse? Do you spend your time out in nature with a more level energy? Do you spend it at home watching TV?

While all of these options are neither good nor bad uses of your time, none of the above options are really furthering your path to your true self. They are just feeding the illusion, keeping you with the idea that the extent of your capabilities are limited to what you already know and know of to be true, allowing the veil to remain over your eyes, masking the truth.

What is the truth? A loaded question.  The truth to why we are here is still being speculated. I can tell you my thoughts on what I believe, but that is reserved for another time and another post. What is YOUR truth (or true self/true path)? That I surely cannot answer for you, but I can tell you not knowing your true path is what keeps you from true happiness. The cause of all internal suffering and unhappiness is ignorance of our true selves. In order to find out who we are, we must first know what we are not. One of the ways to truth is through meditation. Pose the questions to the answers you are seeking, and they will come. When you become a disciplined student and develop a regular meditation practice, you will slowly but surely come across the answers. You will stop letting the external hold influence over what you do, and start listening to your Divine inner guide. You will trust in your guide to never lead you astray, even when the odds don’t seem in your favor. In short, meditation is one of the steps that will lead you to finding happiness: diving within yourself; making unconscious thoughts conscious; seeking answers to questions you desire to be answered; and allowing yourself to be who you are meant to be.

It takes time, dedication, and quite some work, but it is worth it.



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