Euphoric Epiphany

As I share this epiphany, this truth I have finally accepted, I am still processing it as I type. As I walked through the entryway of my job, I got to thinking about getting together with a friend who wanted me to share the knowledge and insight I have learned over the past year and a half. For some reason we cannot find a time to meet up (more so her than me), and I thought to myself, Does she not know how important and valuable this knowledge is that I learned from my teacher? Does she not care? Well, of course she doesn’t know, and she doesn’t know the magnitude of how much she would care if she knew the value in the information.

As I was walking out to the parking lot, I held the door for a delivery man who was struggling with the boxes. He kindly thanked me, and I said you’re welcome. Then I thought to myself, I’ve been there.

Then it hit me! Yes, I’ve been in a situation where it was difficult for me to go open a door when my hands were full, but my epiphany goes much deeper. I realized I saw myself in him, and I saw him in myself. Then I took the thought even further, and realized everyone I have met, everyone I have shared a glance with or encountered, I have been able to find a commonality in or with them, or sympathize with them, or relate to them emotionally… why? Because we are all one. I relate to mother’s sensitivity, my father’s anger, my brother’s passion, my sister’s forgetfulness, my husband’s drive, my best friend’s serenity, ¬†because we are all manifestations of each other, we are all manifestations of God; therefore, we are all God.

I have overwhelming feelings of happiness for this finally resonating with me, but simultaneously have feelings of disgust for the times I have literally felt hatred, or disdain, or any other bad emotion you can feel towards someone. For now I know it was hate against myself, hate against God. However, the feeling of disgust subsides and is filled with compassion when I realize I was ignorant up until this very point.

As I walked through Chipotle over my lunch break, I looked at everyone a little different. With Oprah’s voice as the narrator, I thought to myself, You’re a manifestation of God and you’re a manifestation of God and you’re a manifestation of God!

In all seriousness, this feeling of euphoria will pass, but I wanted to share it with you all. Something you may all consciously know, but it’s a completely different feeling when it finally manifests within you and becomes a truth you now can no longer deny, nor would you want to.

Love to you all


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