Art Takes Time.

In regards to my procrastination for not writing a blog post sooner, I have been getting inbox messages from friends and readers who were inquiring when I would write another blog about anything I typically would write about.

I follow the show, “Broad City,” on Instagram, and Ilana and Abbi were explaining that their show wouldn’t be back until August of 2017. They made this announcement back in November or December 2016 (a few months ago), and people (myself included) expressed how sad they were that they had to wait 9-10 months before their show was back. Then I read a comment that didn’t get much attention (there were no “likes” on it), but the person said, “Do not worry about it guys. Art takes time.” And this simple saying has resonated with me since, “Art takes time.”

Then it got me to thinking about with all great things, it takes time. The creation of architecture, college degrees, love, children, healing, friendships, plants, stories, movies, etc… All of the Divine’s creation (Art) takes time. The most beautiful flowers are the last to bloom. Life is Art, and we are all the subjects of the Master Artist.

Anything worth sharing, anything worth doing, anything worth expressing takes time.

Your life, your dreams, your perseverance… It all takes time, devotion and patience.

Though this post is short, I thought these thoughts were worth sharing.

God bless and Namaste,


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