The Beautiful Truth – Others Successes

I have noticed a pattern with people… Many of us do not like share how we obtained our success in fear of relaying too much information that others might surpass us.

Personally, I find this to be bizarre.  This past weekend we learned about finding our Dharma Code, our soul’s purpose, in order to live purposeful and fulfilling lives, which ultimately contributes to the betterment of society.  When you are born, your soul has instilled in it a purpose, whether that be to serve others, leave a mark in society through action, or simply “sharing myself.”  Your particular purpose is for your conscious to seek, find, and learn to love.  Once that happens, it is your responsibility to apply that purpose in every thing  you seek, every path you take, and everything you do in life in order to contribute to our society as a whole.  This can be used to help guide you in your ideal vocation, but it will just as well guide you with how you interact with others.

Once you find your purpose, you won’t be a threat to anyone who is already living theirs.  Your unique and wonderful self contributes something to this world no one else can.  For example, if your purpose of sharing yourself is fulfilled through writing, you are not threatening to other writers because they bring to the universe something that you do not, and vice versa.

It is in our best interest to rid ourselves of feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, envy, anger, or hate of any kind towards anyone based on their current situation.  If you find yourself having these feelings when you see someone (what you would think to be “advancing” ahead of you in life), just remember that we are all drops from the ocean, living our own experiences to glorify God… but we started and come from the same ocean.  We are all connected.  Meditation would serve you well if you do sense yourself having these negative feelings.

So the next time you see someone doing well, I encourage you to give them a genuine compliment, because their successes are ultimately all of our successes.

God bless and Namaste




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