Let It Go

I wrote this almost two years ago, and I wanted to share.

“Let it go. Whatever it is that you are longing for or holding a grudge towards that is in the past doesn’t exist anymore.

Do not long for deceased family members and friends. It’s ok to miss them, but transition their memories and spirits into your hearts so you can move forward, and be happy when they cross your mind. Do not try and live in the past with them, for they are not there. Those are only their ghosts, and they are happier where they are.

Do not long for ex-relationships of any kind.. If it was not serving you or you were not serving it in positive and uplifting way, it was dying. Let it rest.

Do not long for your old ways or body. Why would you aspire to be a lesser version of yourself? Your mind has gained so much knowledge and wisdom since then, and your body has gone through amazing changes. If you feel your mind and body aren’t where you want them to be, set out with the knowledge you have gained to change them.

Do not hold on to negative feelings or memories. Honor them when they first occur, but then let them go. Do not let negativity serve you.

Give yourself the credit that you are capable of a better version of yourself, and you have the ability to live a richer life than you once had. Let go of the everything that once was, and grab onto hope.”

God bless and Namaste.

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