Your Mind, Your Greatest Tool

You are the observer of the mind. You are the witness of the mind. The mind is not you. It is your instrument. It is your tool. It is like when you drive a car. You don’t say the car is me. The car is a tool. You can stop it, you can start it , you can park it, and you can leave it alone. Observe the mind. How to do it: you realize that the mind functions in a certain way. So you have to learn about the mechanics of the mind, how the mind works,” Swami Sitaramananda’s full article can be read at ( and youtube video clip can be found here (

This is the best analogy I have found in regards to explaining that your mind is not you.  You are not your mind.  Sure, it is a pivotal tool for survival, but it is not you.  You are more than your mind.  You are the Atman, your soul.  How else could you do meditation?  You are calming your thoughts, on a journey to your true self.

The best way, I have found, you can put this theory into practice, through meditation.  Get into a comfortable seated position, cross your legs, and get to where your hips are above your knees.  This is so your spine is in a straight position, and you are oscillating with the earth. Mastering this posture is in and of itself beneficial for your mental and physical health.  From here, try doing 5-10 minute sessions of quieting the mind.  Start by trying to think about one thing, whether that be God, a bible verse, a saying, a spiritual figure.  As your practice becomes daily, try and extend your meditation.  There is no right length of a meditation session.  It is for your overall mental health and clarity.  Practicing meditation daily is healthy for giving your mind a break for the stresses and anxieties of everyday life.

I speak from experience when I say I have had many personal conflicts answered in meditation sessions.  Sometimes I get an apparent, “yes,” “no,” and sometimes I don’t get anything, which I interpret as “wait.”

Mediation has helped immensely with my biggest mental obstacles I  experience: anxiety and fear.  I have a big fear of failure and making the wrong choices.  I too am learning life as I go through this journey.  I hope this bit of information you read today may be of some help to you, as it has and continues to help me daily.

God bless and Namaste




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