You keep drowning out I can’t make out the words you’re saying Whether that mean I’m becoming apathetic or just disconnecting Farther and farther away from you Perhaps it was inevitable Perhaps this was apart of my life I was never suppose to be fully present for Whatever it is, it is insignificant Or maybe […]

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Summertime Magic

The warmer months that Spring and Summer bring are always accompanied by a little bit of magic. Summer holds promise, adventure, and hope. We are allowed to start fresh with the changing of the seasons, and we gain a new perspective when we are able to get out in nature. Gaining a sense of clarity […]

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Everything is Supplemental

I’ve written about this so many times before, but the saying, “Stand for nothing, fall for anything,” continues to haunt me to this day. Why does it get to me so much? I interpret this saying to be political, and that it suggests you should 100% commit to an idea and not sway. While some of […]

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